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About Nilkantha Paudel

About Nilkantha Paudel

disability activist Mr. Nilkantha Paudel Mr. Paudel is disabled himself physically. He is thirty six years old and his disability is Linked due to polio in the very young age born and raised in a rural village of remote Nepal he has struggled throughout his life due to this but triumphed all the setbacks and attained master's degree in his academic life . He has been persistently advocating for fundamental rights of education healthcare and employment to the disabled community of Nepal. Because of his work and desiccation Mr. Paudel has been awarded with several recognitions inducing national youth award, Asian best Socialist Award, to Name a few despite being physically challenged Mr. Paudel is popular also for his determination to work in the social area.

This documentary opens eyes of the struggle of not just one man but also long struggle of disabled community in Nepal and elsewhere